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Our History
West Wind Vineyards

West Wind Vineyards was started by the proprietor in 1986 with 25 acres of Concord grapes and a farm in the family since 1905. It had been farmed by our grandparents, Vincent and Marjorie Aldrich for 5 decades. At the age of 25 I took over daily farm work from the previous operator in the midst of a downsizing trend. We added land and other farms to operate over the years along with new customers and processors.

As the markets have matured, the decision was made to start planting wine grapes that were hardy and easily grown. Edelweiss was our first choice due to its great cold hardiness. We are the only grower of this variety here in Chautauqua county. Year by year we added other hardy varieties such as Marquette. More recently we have been planting grafted vinifera such as Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. We are also the only grower of Merlot in this area due to its site requirements and cold tolerance levels. The addition of an Orchard Rite Frost Fan became necessary to help protect some of those varieties and it was installed in 2012. Next year we will be adding Aurore.

Today we farm 230 acres of owned and leased grapes along with custom vineyard growing for other landowners. We currently grow 10 different varieties of grapes which include Concord, Niagara, Fredonia and Diamond, along with the previously mentioned grapes. We grow for Welch, Refresco, Growers Cooperative, Westfield Maid Cooperative, Ellicottville Winery, Liberty Winery, Walker Fruit Basket and out of state wineries.

Whether big or small, we can provide you with the opportunity to purchase directly from our vineyards, either machine picked or hand picked. We use the latest technology to enhance our growing season with the frost fan and use a Gregoire G140SW to harvest any variety. We also can deliver to your location at any time you choose.

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In 2013 we were chosen for a USDA AG Chemical Facility grant.

As environmental concerns grow every year, we were able to construct a specialized building to help safeguard our streams and water supply. This building contains all runoff and stores all pesticides inside to prevent runoff or any containment issues. Separated from all other buildings and water, we can keep all spray equipment under one roof while maintaining a safe environment for the operator and neighbors.

In 2014 we bought out our half of SAS Harvesting due to the increasing size of operations and the desired ability to have more control over a quality product.

With that our purchase of the four row sprayer and other multiple row equipment gave us the ability to closely monitor our vineyards in a more timely fashion, such as within critical spray windows. This year we added another multiple row sprayer for even more control. We are now able to maintain different spray schedules with many different configurations of pesticides for wine and juice grapes. The construction of a two row weed sprayer has also made time available for multiple applications which provide a more effective use.

2016 brought us the opportunity to have a NYS Mesonet weather station placed in the middle of our vineyards.

Part of an extensive network of stations situated across New York state, this station brings us real time data on pertinent factors such as wind speeds, soil temps, precipitation and other factors. Data is transmitted to Albany where it is used and sent out to weather forecasters across the state.


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